The Teenage Rebellion

The word teenager was not really said unitl the 1950s.  This put a title on a new and upcoming age group of men and women that are no longer kids but not yet adults.  These teenagers had a new found purpose in life, and that was to enjoy their life and to be themselves.  As a youg adult in the 30s or the 40s, your were not expected to graduate high school, then go to college, then get a job but you were expected to work and provide for your family as soon as you were able to.  This was a popular male role in those days.  As a female, you were expected to be a “house mom” and that was pretty much it.

Adults in the 1950s did not want this for their children; they wanted to give them more opportunity and a richer life. With no more depression and  the rise of prosperity, adults could spend more while less responsibility and pressure was put on the teen.  With less responsibilty and more support from their parents, teens were able to do more things such as go out with their friends more often, buy food more, buy more clothes, and buy more new music.  With all this, teens also became much more independent by not asking their parents for permission to do things and just doing them with their own authority, especially if they had their own cars.  Teens began to attend dances, make hair fads, and make clothing trends. As for music, parents believed the new trend of music, rock n’ roll, was currupting their children.


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